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We have helped many drivers for many years with windscreen replacement and repair at an affordable price. A qualified technician should evaluate all the aspects before performing any action so as to provide the best solution to the customer and make the right decision.

Sometimes, it is unnecessary to replace the windscreen, and it can be repaired to prevent the crack from spreading and improve the glass’s appearance. The final appearance is directly affected by the time of glass damage and its severity. We replace your glass just if there is no way to solve the problem.

When is the best time to replace the glass?

The answer is when it comes to security. Many people believe that driving a car with a windshield crack doesn’t make any problem, but it can be quite dangerous because the role of a windshield in the car’s strength is very vital.


Our Services

  • windscreen repair
  • windscreen replacement
  • side windows replacement and repair
  • rear window replacement and repair

It is our expertise, and we have been doing this for many years. If your car window is replaced improperly, you will have many problems ahead like:

  1. it can make noise at high speeds.
  2. there will be a problem of water leakage into the cabin when it rains
  3. High risk in case of an accident!



Dos and don’ts if Your Car Window cracked or broken?

There are several things to do and many things to avoid when a problem arises.

  • Avoid driving the car when you notice your auto glass is broken until it is repaired or replaced.
  • Park the car in indoor parking to prevent fractures from spreading.
  • Prevent water from contacting the broken area until our team arrive.
  • Do not wet the glass, and don’t spill any water on it.
  • Don’t scratch the glass with a fingernail or razor.
  • Don’t turn on your wiper.
  • Don’t shock the auto glass, and avoid any sudden temperature changes.
  • Don’t apply pressure to it.

You can contact us to check the condition of your damaged auto glass righy now!

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